Baby Strager's Nursery Design

Well, I think we can all agree that this quarantine hasn't been easy for anyone! Being pregnant and cooped up in the house has been a challenge but not nearly as big of a challenge as putting together a nursery for the new baby. 

You see, I had this idea in my head that baby #2's nursery would have a safari theme, complete with giraffes and lots of jute/rattan materials. Well that idea quickly went out the window when I realize a lot of the textures I was looking for are manufactured in other countries and right now the import service isn't exactly working like clock work. 

All of the woven pieces I was looking for are on back order until at least July 31 (and that was BEST case scenario). After weeks of racking my brain on whether of not I was going to wait it out, I decided against the whole thing. If you have children you know that if it doesn't get done by the time the baby gets here, good luck! There are just not enough hours in the day. Plus, our little one is due to make his debut June 12th. 

So, back to the drawing board I went. I had to figure out a new game plan that would work with the pieces I had already ordered. I ended up being able to keep the giraffe idea but incorporating a modern elegance feel to the room. By swapping out my grass pieces for gold I was able to create a soft relaxing mood that I think might even work better than my original plan, but we shall see. 

We are still in the planning stages but all of our pieces have been ordered and construction on the wall molding starts today. 

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